Supplemental Education Services of TX

Making Exceptional Learning the Standard

Under the guidelines established by the federal “No Child Left Behind Act” many smaller schools struggle with the cost of serving a small minority student population who is in great need.  The SES-TX program addresses this need, providing needed services at a much lower premium than a faculty part-time or full-time teaching appointment. Schools are welcome to contact us regarding our services and programs. Click here for Curriculum Resources & To Purchase.

Measurable results are a key factor in all of our programs. We use Certified Benchmark Testing to better monitor our students progress.

Every community has an assortment of students with varying needs. Medical issues often necessitate absence from school—but they don’t have to create a drop-out! Students in our program have demonstrated a 85% success rate over those who discontinue school during this time. Graduation rates count—especially in this group.

In the age of State directed tests, often in-class time can not cover the outlying but all important SAT and ACT tests. Students who aren’t prepared for these exams will pay with their future. But there is an alternative, and this program addresses that need.

Students with any Autistic Spectrum Disorder can make great strides, however, the specific needs of these students are often difficult for smaller schools to meet and fulfill. We offer the solution—it’s cost effective for schools, but most importantly effective for the student.

Many students fall into the misconception that their education won’t take them anywhere. By implementing these courses early and effectively, we increase the likelihood that students will be excited about learning and interested in pursuing higher education goals.

Benchmark Testing

Special Education & Autistic Intervention

College Test Prep Seminars

Home Visitation Tutoring—Home-bound students, pregnant teens

AP Classes & Distance Learning Introduction

School Services and Curriculum