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Making Exceptional Learning the Standard

Supplemental Education Services of Texas steps in and fills the gaps left by traditional education. With one-on-one, focused, professional teaching services and incorporation of cutting-edge distance learning technologies and special education techniques, we provide the resources that enable students to achieve vital goals. It is our belief that regardless of social class or background, every person has the right to be educated to their highest potential and the ability to contribute to society. With the wonderful resources and technologies available, every student can achieve success—they can attend college. They can excel!

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For children and adults, one-on-one tutoring provides the very best option for educating students and allowing them to learn how to “learn” for themselves.

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In Person, One-On-One Tutoring

Online & Distance learning are increasingly used in higher education—and a major benefit for lower-income students to be able to achieve their educational and career goals. This is a powerful medium for providing education, and we’re honored to be part of it.

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Distance Learning, Online Tutoring

We firmly believe that learning never stops—that’s why adults and young students alike can benefit from the cost-effective educational seminars and distance learning presentations we offer. Learn more about your options, because everyone benefits from better education. More Info for College

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Educational Seminars

Our unique expertise in teaching special education students and those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders has proved valuable to many families and the growth of their children. With over 10 years of experience, our have achieved superior results with these exceptional students.

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Special Education / Autistic Spectrum

From Pre-K to Post-Grad, everyone benefits from well focused educational training and preparation for academic achievement.

Learning to use the internet as a resource greatly improves students’ success in their adult careers and higher education goals

Group learning can be an extremely effective and cost-saving option for adults, and a great way for younger students  to prepare for tests.

Every student has the potential to grow & meet new challenges. Our specialists aim to help every child function at their highest capacity—with great results..